April 25, 2019


The Niagara Escarpment meets crystal clear cold turquoise waters creating magical water.

Beautiful Limestone Cliffs

next to Caribbean blue waters is not something you would expect to find in Central Canada but along the Bruce Peninsula on Lake Huron the Niagara Escarpment meets crystal clear cold turquoise waters. Most people see it from the Bruce Trail but my husband Kevin and I along with our friend Tim wanted to take a closer look along the coastline with our new Pau Hana Surf Supply Endurance Touring Boards. Our boards carried 60lbs of gear for what we would need for the next three days in frigid temps. Another reason we explored this place was the coastal bouldering. The first day of our trip we were met with a 30 mph tail wind and enjoyed an awesome 15-mile downwinder to our first camp site. The boards were extremely stable even when the swells met the sea cliffs and created heavy chop. The second day the wind mellowed and we cruised along the coast hunting bouldering lines and snorkeling. We found some incredible climbing on the limestone boulders. The third day we stopped at the Grotto and went for a really cool paddle and swim into the cave. It’s incredible how clear the water is and how many caves were along the coast. It was a magical trip and I can’t wait to go back and explore some more on the Endurance!

Loading up the Pau Hana Endurance Board
Paddling around Bruce Peninsula
Paddling the Endurance board
Taking a break on a beach around Bruce Peninsula
SUP on the Endurance Board
Paddling the loaded Endurance
Loading up the Pau Hana Endurance
Final checks before headin gout on the Pau Hana Endurance
Pau Hana SUP boards
SUP Bruce Peninsula
The Endurance in the grotto in Bruce Peninsula
Snorkling and SUP in Bruce Peninsula
SUP around Bruce Peninsula
Paddling into the Grotto
Snorkling in the clear waters of Bruce Peninsula
Paddling the Enduracne Board
Stand up paddle boarding and snorkling
Photos by Kevin Cullen and Tim Keller.



Christian is a professional stand-up paddleboard athlete that is a team rider for Pau Hana Surf Supply, Kialoa, and Kokatat. She specializes in stand-up whitewater paddling, expedition SUP, SUP Yoga, SUP Surfing and is also an accomplished rock climber and ice climber. She loves sharing her passion for the water with others and helping people connect with the outdoors.

Christian Edie professional SUP athlete

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