Pau Hana, meaning "the Time after work" in Hawaiian, embodies the spirit of play and adventure. As passionate stand-up paddle surfers, artists, yogis, creators, fishermen, athletes, and travelers, we're captivated by the beauty, power, and tranquility of the water. Our dedication to the craft and the sport drives us to serve our customers with aloha and share the stoke that being on the water brings. Join us and experience the ultimate paddleboarding lifestyle with Pau Hana.

About the Designer

Todd Caranto is a paddle surfer, competitive athlete, and designer. He is the founder of Pau Hana Surf Supply and the creator of it’s innovative product line. The winner of Outside magazine’s first “Gear of the Year” award for stand up paddle boards, Todd has a passion for creating market-leading products built for Pau Hana time.

A maker since childhood when his grandfather put the first tool in his hand, Todd’s design philosophy and approach to development is hands-on, multidisciplinary, and intuitive. He participates in each activity he designs for, and seeks feedback from the sport’s most dedicated enthusiasts. Receiving inspiration from material science, bio-mimicry, and art, Todd translates those interests into beautifully designed boards that are well suited to their individual purposes.

Pau Hana Surf Supply is...

A minority-owned business founded in 2006 in Santa Clarita, CA by Asian Pacific Islander Todd Caranto. Our mission is to share the stoke of "Pau Hana Time" with friends and family around the world by providing innovative new designs and technology to the outdoor industry. As a design and manufacturing company, we build equipment and gear that embodies the spirit of play and adventure. Experience the ultimate paddleboarding lifestyle with Pau Hana's cutting-edge products, crafted to enhance your time on the water.

Innovative Design

At Pau Hana Surf Supply, we take an avant-garde approach to board design, emphasizing experimentation and thorough testing. Since our inception, we have strived to develop a process that integrates rigorous research, testing, experimentation, feedback, and iteration until we have a product that our design team knows inside and out. We're passionate about creating products that embody the Pau Hana spirit and can't wait to get out on the water and share our stoke with you. Experience the ultimate paddleboarding adventure with Pau Hana's cutting-edge designs, crafted for every SUP lifestyle.


At Pau Hana Surf Supply, we take the origins of stand up paddling and surfing seriously, while always striving for improvement in board shapes, materials, designs, and functionality. With the growing possibilities of SUP activities such as fishing and SUP yoga, we have been at the forefront of introducing new technologies that bring our brand to the next level. Our SeaMount® System, Lotus Yoga Ring, and Ricochet™ Technology have enabled us to create cutting-edge products that allow our customers to experience the stoke of being out on the water longer, safer, and in new ways. Experience the latest innovations in SUP technology with Pau Hana Surf Supply.