Pau Hana Surf Supply is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative stand up paddle boards for every SUP lifestyle. Pau Hana means “the time after work” and it’s all about the spirit of play. For us, everything starts with being on the water, and we are determined to sharing the stoke of stand up paddling through our craft, our dedication to the sport, and to our mission of serving our customers with aloha.

Why Pau Hana? There are a lot of stand up paddle boards out there. If you are having trouble deciding exactly what you want in a SUP and are looking for a quality and long lasting board, you have come to the right place. Pau Hana SUPs are better than your average brand, and here is why. Pau Hana strives to offer the highest quality stand up paddle boards on the market that suit the needs of what your Pau Hana time is on the water. Our process begins with play, and then through the process of research, rigorous testing, production and strict quality control standards, we are proud to stand behind all of the boards that we offer.

RESEARCH & DESIGN | The Pau Hana design team starts their work with play. Yep, we get out there on the water and look for improvements for the current board models. We get inspired by athletes and their passion to the sport.

PRODUCTION | Pau Hana boards are only made with the highest grade of materials and the use of cutting-edge technology to bring you boards that will look great, withstand the tests of time, and be fun to ride wherever you take them. Every piece of foam used in the boards is weighed to ensure proper consistency and durability of every board.

QUALITY CONTROL | Pau Hana has one of the highest accepted quality limits in the entire paddle board industry. Our boards go through a rigorous quality control test and we do not accept boards that are less than perfect quality.




Pau Hana takes the origins of stand up paddling and surfing very seriously, but still works towards the great opportunity for improvement in the shapes, materials, designs, and functionality of boards. Especially in recent years, the things that people have been doing on paddle boards has grown tremendously. Whether this is fishing from a stand up paddle board or doing SUP yoga, the possibilities that stand up paddle boards offer people has been growing in part to new technologies. Pau Hana has created new technologies like the SeaMount System, the Petal Band, and Ricochet to get people out on the water more. These new has allowed Pau Hana This allows our customers to feel the stoke of being out on the water longer, safer, faster, and in ways that have never been done before.


Pau Hana takes an avant garde approach to the design process with emphasis on experimentation and thorough testing. Since our inception, Pau Hana has striven to develop a process of board design that integrates rigorous research, testing, experimentation, feedback and repeating these steps until we have a product that our design team knows inside and out and can’t wait to get out on the water more with.



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