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Introducing the 11'6 Calypso – a groundbreaking hybrid inflatable from Pau Hana that seamlessly merges the best features of Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP) and kayaks. Unveiled in 2019, the Calypso's versatile design ensures stability and comfort for paddlers of all skill levels, setting a new standard for outdoor adventures.

How to inflate your board and insert the window:

  1. Pump up your Calypso Air to 15psi.
  2. Partially inflate the window.
  3. Place the window insert inside the opening of the board, and inflate the window insert to 3psi until it fits snugly.

Note: Do not over inflate*

Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 11'6"

Width: 34 in

Thick: 6 in

Rider Weight: Max: 338lbs

Paddleboard Weight: 24 lb

Volume: 236 L

Fins: Single 9" fin

Deck: Extra soft EVA deck pad

Hull Type: Displacement

11'6 | Calypso Hybrid stand up kayak iSUP

Key Features of the 11'6 Calypso:

SUP and Kayak Fusion: Experience the best of both worlds with the Calypso – an innovative inflatable stand-up kayak that effortlessly combines the benefits of SUP and sit-on kayaks. This hybrid design ensures versatility, stability, and an unrivaled water experience.

Comfortable Kayak Seat: The 11'6 Calypso comes equipped with a custom kayak seat, offering a comfortable perch for paddlers to sit and glide through the water while giving their legs a well-deserved break. The ergonomic design enhances the overall paddling experience.

Underwater Exploration: Immerse yourself in the underwater world with the Calypso's large deck window. A unique feature that adds a layer of curiosity and exploration, allowing riders of all ages to peer through the deck or assist fishermen on the hunt for their next catch.

Secure Storage and Attachment Points: The Calypso is equipped with a built-in 5mm bungee for securing items, ensuring you can bring essentials along for the journey. D-ring attachment points provide versatility for attaching an array of accessories to enhance your paddling experience.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted from 850 GSM marine-grade PVC, the Calypso maintains rigidity and performs exceptionally well in various water conditions, including whitewater, inland lakes, and the ocean. The inflatable design adds durability and portability to your aquatic adventures.

Travel-Friendly Design: Perfect for the on-the-go explorer, the Calypso fits effortlessly in a car trunk and can be checked as luggage on a plane. The comprehensive package includes a bag, pump, and three-piece paddle, making it the ideal choice for those torn between investing in a sit-on kayak or an SUP.

Durable Gear Bag: The high-quality gear bag with ABS wheels, double-stitched seams, and a built-in backpack-style harness enhances portability for long-distance carrying. The entire package, weighing only 28lbs, checks as regular luggage and accommodates an additional 22lbs of gear under the airline limit.


Drop stitch technology is two layers of PVC lined with woven cloth that are attached at thousands of points where a fiber connects the top and the bottom of the board. The drop stitch technology gives substantially more structure and rigidity to the inflatable.

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