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Introducing the Pau Hana Convertible Paddle – a revolutionary 4-piece convertible paddle designed to complement the Calypso inflatable hybrid stand-up kayak and for adventurers seeking the utmost versatility on the water. Whether you're standing tall on your paddleboard or taking a seated break, this convertible paddle effortlessly adapts to your every adventure.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable SUP Length: Tailor the SUP length to your desired height with the easily adjustable top shaft. Enjoy a personalized paddle experience every time you hit the water.
  • Seamless Kayak Transition: In a single, effortless step, transform the paddle from a SUP configuration to a fixed-length kayak paddle. The kayak insert is perfectly designed for seated paddling on your paddleboard.
  • Compact and Portable: The 4-piece design ensures ultimate portability. Fit it into any mid-sized car, and embark on your next water adventure without limitations.
  • Durability Redefined: Crafted with durability in mind, this paddle is built to withstand the rigors of diverse water conditions. It's your reliable companion for exploration.
  • Perfect for Calypso Exploration: Originally designed for the Calypso inflatable hybrid stand-up kayak, this paddle complements any SUP, ensuring you're equipped for any water adventure.
  • Effortless Switching: Take a break, switch to kayak mode, and enjoy a different paddling experience without missing a beat. The Pau Hana Convertible Paddle seamlessly adapts to your preferred style.

SUP Paddle Specifications

Type: 4-piece

Weight: 32.75 oz

Adjustable Length: 157cm - 208cm

Convertible Aluminum SUP-Kayak Paddle

Why Choose the Pau Hana Convertible Paddle?

Adaptable Paddling: Experience the freedom to switch between SUP and kayak paddling styles, providing a dynamic and varied on-water experience.

Personalized SUP Length: Easily adjust the SUP length to suit your height and paddling preferences, ensuring a comfortable and efficient stroke every time.

Compact Convenience: The 4-piece design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it an ideal choice for those who love spontaneous water adventures.

Durable Exploration: Built to endure various water conditions, this paddle is your reliable companion for exploring new waters and making lasting memories.

Calypso Compatibility: Originally designed for the Calypso inflatable hybrid stand-up kayak, it seamlessly integrates with other SUPs, adding versatility to your gear.

Effortless Transformation: The intuitive design allows for a smooth transition from SUP to kayak mode, enabling you to sit back, relax, and continue your aquatic journey.

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