Accessory Kits


Explore our selection of SUP accessory kits for every kind of adventure in our online store. We’ve placed all the must-have accessories for each activity into a sweet little kit box for you to take anywhere and enhance your paddleboard experience.


Get the most out of your paddleboard with accessories designed to maximize your time on the water. All our hard paddleboards come with the SeaMount® system, designed for attaching a wide range of SUP accessories. These attachment points are flush with the board so when not in use they stay out of the way. Some of our inflatable paddle boards also carry the SeaMount® system so check the specs before purchasing your SeaMount® accessories.

Not sure what accessories you need for your paddleboard? We bundled our most useful SUP accessories together for each specific activity and put them into a handy kit. Now you can take advantage of every session with these clever accessories designed to enhance your paddling experience.

All our paddle boards, Pau Hana accessories and apparel is designed in Los Angeles in California and manufactured with the highest quality materials and methods. Find a board and accessories that fit your lifestyle and share the stoke.