Surviving Isolation

Surviving Isolation

May 28, 2020



We are all aware of how serious this pandemic is and as Covid-19 continues to spread around the globe we are beginning to retreat to our homes, lay low and put social distancing into practice. Some of us may find ourselves in quarantine for long periods of time or choose to self-isolate, so here, at Pau Hana, we’ve decided to put together this definitive guide to staying sane during these dark Covid-19 days.

As our normal daily activities are interrupted, such as heading to work for the day, meeting friends down at a local bar in the evening or taking your paddleboard out on the river at the weekend, we find ourselves wondering what to do with all this newfound time. We want to share our 6 top ways we’ve been spending our time at home with family, staying fit and positive and preparing for the light at the end of the tunnel.


1. Workouts to keep paddle fit

Schedule a home workout routine to keep you paddle fit even when you can access the water. Start every morning with a bodyweight routine, stretching or yoga and finish each day with a core abs workout. Not only will you maintain your physical fitness but also exercise is amazing for mental health, which is exactly what we need in these isolating times. Stick on your favorite playlist and follow one of our workout routines and get the day off to a good start.

See our paddle fit workouts.

2. Plan your next paddleboard adventure

Now that you have more free hours in the day, there’s no better time to start planning your next paddleboard adventure. You can do some extensive research online and connect with other paddle boarders online to find out information and plan your next trip. You can research and order the gear you need and even plan the meal itinerary. Not only is it a really fun project to do but it also provides something to look forward to when we are out of lockdown.

See our article on PLANNING A MULTI DAY ADVENTURE and PACKING FOR A MULTI DAY ADVENTURE for our advice on how to prepare.

paddle board multi day campsite on the beach

Plan your next big adventure from your home

things to do in isolation plan a multiday

Daydreaming of paddleboard adventures like these

3. Go on a multi day adventure in your backyard

So you’ve planned your next multi day adventure, you know how long the trip is, where you will go, a rough idea of what the weather will be like – now try and recreate it in your backyard. Pack up all the gear you’ll need for the trip, cooking stove, tent, sleeping gear etc and take it into your backyard. Have a campout to replicate what it could be like, you’ll get used to using your equipment and soon realize if there’s anything you forgot to pack or come across items to make your trip better. If you're isolating with the family why not get the kids involved too, they will find it fun and it can be some good family bonding time away from the TV.

See our article on PLANNING A MULTI DAY ADVENTURE and PACKING FOR A MULTI DAY ADVENTURE for our advice on how to prepare.

4. Make a photo book or YouTube video about your paddleboard adventures

Now is a great time to sift through old photos and video footage. Why not put together a photo book for a loved one or post a video to your YouTube channel for you friends and family to watch. Not only will you be putting your old media to use but it’ll also provide entertainment for others who are isolating.

Here's an old Pau Hana classic from the archives to give you some inspiration:


5. Make food

Get the whole family involved and make some of those recipes you’ve saved from the Internet or tagged in a recipe book. You can spend time baking or preparing big meals and putting them in the freezer for the times you will be too busy to prepare good fresh food when you go back to your normal routine. And maybe even deliver some home made soup or lasagna to an elderly neighbour to rack up some karma points.

Check out our BEST NO BAKE ENERY BARS article.

Making food at home during isolation

6. Get inspired

Stay inspired to paddle by watching Redbull TV and getting the latest videos featuring Kai Lenny and Isabella Gomez. These awe inspiring athletes along with many more will keep poking your stoke for the water and make you eager to get back out on your paddle board when the time comes. Redbull has plenty of content to keep you entertained for more than a few months of isolation, and who knows, you might even want to try a new adrenaline sport by the end of it.

Red Bull TV

Thats our top 6 ideas to surviving isolation. Check back daily for more blog updates and ideas!



Jen Chrimes is a marketing and design professional that has worked with the outdoor industry for over 9 years. She is also a professional kayaker and avid outdoor enthusiast who loves sharing her knowledge and passion through her work. You can find more about Jen and her work at

Jen Chrimes professional white water kayaker

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