SUP shaper Todd Caranto scouts out and SUP surfs the new Bend River Wave on his Pau Hana Carve stand up paddle board in Bend Oregon. After learning more about the wave from a local board and kayak shop, Todd scouts out the wave and decides to jump in.

Pau Hana surf supply van with clouds in the background and neon sticker
Todd Caranto with his Pau Hana surf supply carve board in bend Oregon
Todd loading up the Pau Hana surf supply van with carve boards and paddles to surf on the white water wave

Hearing the local’s favorite favorite spots..

When we were surfing, we first hit up Crux Fermentation Project, a steampunk style brewery and tap house. Our favorite beer here was the Cast Out IPA. Yes, after a day on the river, you need to have something hoppy. After talking about the wave, the board, and progressing into what the design for the new river board should look like.

We scratched out some designs

And some rough shapes on our napkins and continued on our pub crawl to Deschuttes Brewery where we tried their tasting flight. Unanimously, our favorite beers from Deschuttes were the Red Chair NWPA & the Black Butte Porter.

Todd and Austin enjoying a beer at Crux fermentation project getting the cast out IPA

The Bend Whitewater Park

is located on the Deschuttes River in the Old Mill District in Bend Oregon. The Park is something that has been in the development for 15 years according to Jeff of Tumalo Creek, a local kayak & paddle board rental and seller right on the water and next to the whitewater park. The wave was opened last spring for the first time, but it was quickly closed again after it became evident that more work was needed to be done on the wave. Then, the wave had more work done and has since reopened in April this year.

After wiping out a couple of times...

Todd gets some helpful tips from the locals and is able to eventually surf the wave. Afterwards, he hits up some local breweries (Deschuttes & Crux) and talks about the improvements he's going to make a better and innovative river surf SUP.

Sold out

The Pau Hana 8'6" Carve is

A high performance surf SUP. The smaller design of the board allows for precision maneuverability through the surf while allowing for maximum speed. You can even attach a hydrofoil for the ultimate SUP experience.

Holding the Pau Hana surf supply carve near the rocks wearing a wetsuit in bend Oregon

when we heard about it

We knew that we had to go up and see it for ourselves. The wave is still rough, but definitely manageable for the intermediate or experienced SUP surfer and/or rider. The Parks and Recreation department are still configuring the controls for the air bladders they use to make the whitewater park so the wave should be getting better and better as time goes on.

After a day on the wave...

Todd and the rest of the Pau Hana crew retire to hang out with the locals in the apparent local past time of craft breweries, in which Bend, Oregon has one brewery for every single person*.

*Not in any way an actual true fact

Todd surfing on the bend Oregon river wave
Bend Oregon forests with mist
Todd outside Tumalo creek with Pau Hana surf supply big ez ricochet in the background

Pau Hana sprinter van passing a motel in bend Oregon
Todd with his Pau Hana surf supply carve looking at the highway and the river
Surf box of gear in bend Oregon by the white water river wave
Todd about to launch his surfboard on the bend Oregon river wave


To learn more about the Bend Whitewater Park:


To purchase the paddle used in the video:


For more information on the breweries he visits:

Todd wearing Pau Hana hoodie and in misty bend Oregon
Drone footage of white water river wave in bend Oregon with

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