Touring & Expedition Paddle Boards

Touring and expedition paddle boards

If you're looking for the perfect paddleboard for long expeditions, multi-day trips, and off-the-grid adventures, look no further than the Pau Hana touring collection! These top-quality paddleboards are specifically designed for covering water and carrying all the gear you need for your journey. Our touring boards feature the innovative SeaMount® accessory system, strategically placed to make it easy to add and remove gear as needed. With these paddleboards, you'll have everything you need for a successful and unforgettable adventure on the water.


Looking for a top-quality touring paddleboard that can handle any water condition and make long-distance journeys a breeze? Look no further than the Pau Hana touring collection! Our touring paddleboards are specifically designed to provide exceptional quality and robust durability, with a large number of SeaMount® accessory attachment points to allow you to add endless amounts of gear. The displacement nose on our paddleboards is engineered to cut through water like a knife through butter, while the large tail provides stability and volume for carrying all your equipment. Plus, the concave deck pad on our Endurance paddleboard is perfect for fitting a bivvy bag and doubling up as your sleeping base during multi-day trips. Due to their large volume, these paddleboards also work exceptionally well as fishing SUPs. Start planning your next epic adventure with a touring SUP that was designed specifically for your mission.

All our paddle boards are designed in Los Angeles in California and manufactured with the highest quality materials and methods. Find a board that fits your lifestyle and share the stoke.