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Meet the 11'0 Navio – your passport to exceptional paddleboarding versatility, meticulously designed for everything from touring to all-around paddling. Experience the freedom to cover more ground with less effort, making every stroke a pleasure on this compact keel-hull day touring board.

Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 11 ft

Width: 32 in

Thick: 6 in

Rider Weight: Max: 317lbs

Paddleboard Weight: 32 lb

Volume: 225 L

Fins: Single 9" fin

Deck: Extra soft EVA deck pad

Hull Type: Displacement


Purchases made outside of Los Angeles- Home Delivery is available in Southern CA and San Francisco for an express delivery fee, subject to availability.

11'0 | Navio Keel Hull Paddle Board

Key Features of the Navio:

Effortless Gliding: The Navio stands as the precedent of keel-hull paddleboards, offering a compact design that effortlessly glides through the water with every stroke. Originally designed in 2006, it remains a pioneer in the world of SUP, featuring a keel extending from the nose to the tail for exceptional stability and tracking.

Stability and Efficiency: Combining the stability of a planing hull with the efficiency of a displacement hull, the Navio provides a quiet, stable ride. Its high weight capacity ensures it's not just a paddle board; it's a reliable companion for casual recreational paddling, fishing, or exploring wetlands along the coast.

SeaMount® Convenience: The Navio features the SeaMount® system, the first patented accessory attachment set-up for stand-up paddleboards. Customize your experience with cup holders, paddle clips, and robust bungee tie-downs that make carrying gear a breeze.

Versatility Unleashed: Outfitted with a SeaMount® drink holder, paddle clip, and d-rings, the Navio is one of the most versatile all-around boards available. Carry heavy loads, embark on a fishing adventure, or explore various SUP activities – this board adapts to your every need.

EPX Construction: Choose the Navio in the EPX construction for a light-weight classic build that boasts Cherry Burl wood veneer and a smooth glossy finish, adding a touch of timeless style to your paddleboarding experience.

Invest in the 11'0 Navio and redefine your paddleboarding adventures. Whether you're cruising along the coast or heading on a peaceful day tour, this board is more than equipment – it's a craft for creating lasting memories on the water.

Bamboo Sandwich

Vacuum compression, EPS core with epoxy resin, bamboo reinforcement on the load bearing areas. All installed components are buttressed with high density Corebrace™. The self-regulating Goretex vent plug ensures the core pressure is kept stable.

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