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Introducing the Moon Mist SUP Paddle – a three-piece fiberglass paddle designed to elevate your paddleboarding experience. Tailored to complement our Moon Mist yoga range or any Pau Hana paddle board, this paddle seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Sleek Fiberglass Design: Crafted for performance and style, the Moon Mist SUP Paddle boasts a sleek fiberglass construction that adds a touch of elegance to your paddleboarding escapades.
  • Compact Portability: The three-piece design ensures ultra-portability, allowing you to break it down into a compact size. Fit it effortlessly into your car trunk or carry-on bag without worrying about extra luggage fees.
  • Aesthetic Harmony: Perfectly align your paddle with the stylish Moon Mist yoga range or any of Pau Hana’s paddleboards, creating a visual symphony that resonates with your inner yogi. Let heads turn as you paddle in style.
  • Ergonomic Bliss: Immerse yourself in all-day comfort with the ergonomic handle, meticulously designed to reduce fatigue and enhance your paddling experience. Embrace each stroke with ease.
  • Secure Clamp Mechanism: The Moon Mist SUP Paddle features a reliable securing clamp, ensuring your paddle stays at the desired length. Experience stability and confidence throughout your paddleboarding journey.
  • Optimized Blade Shape: Maximize each stroke with a blade shape meticulously crafted for efficiency. Enjoy a powerful catch and a seamless paddle stroke for a truly immersive experience on the water.

SUP Paddle Specifications

Type: Three-piece adjustable

Weight: 32 oz

Adjustable Length: 157cm - 208cm

Moon Mist SUP Paddle

Why Choose the Moon Mist SUP Paddle:

Fusion of Style and Performance: Experience the perfect blend of aesthetic style and functional prower, making the Moon Mist SUP Paddle an essential companion for yogis and paddle enthusiasts alike.

On-the-Go Convenience: Break down the paddle into three compact pieces, allowing you to take it wherever your paddleboarding adventures lead. No more worries about extra luggage fees – travel light and paddle right.

Head-Turning Elegance: Let your paddle speak volumes with its sleek fiberglass design. Elevate your paddleboarding style and make every stroke a statement.

Ergonomic Comfort: The ergonomic handle ensures comfort even during extended paddling sessions, prioritizing your well-being on the water.

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're diving into the Moon Mist yoga range or exploring other paddle boards, this paddle is designed for seamless compatibility, ensuring a unified experience.

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