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Unlock the ultimate fishing experience with the 11'0 Big EZ Angler, Pau Hana's most popular fishing stand-up paddle board (SUP). Engineered for versatility, this high-volume, high-capacity all-around paddle board is your go-to choice for carrying all your fishing gear and big hauls. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast, a family looking for adventure, or a larger paddler seeking a stable surf SUP, the Big EZ Angler has you covered.

Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 11 ft

Width: 36 in

Thick: 5 in

Rider Weight: Max: 366lbs

Paddleboard Weight: 36 lb

Volume: 260 L

Fins: Single 9" fin & side bites

Deck: Extra soft EVA deck pad

Hull Type: Planing


Purchases made outside of Los Angeles- Home Delivery is available in Southern CA and San Francisco for an express delivery fee, subject to availability.

11'0 | Big EZ Angler Paddle Board

Key Features of the 11'0 Big EZ Angler:

Versatile Fishing Machine: The Angler is a super-versatile fishing machine designed to accommodate all your angling needs. It effortlessly transitions from a dedicated fishing SUP to a family-friendly paddleboard and a reliable big guy surf SUP, making it the ultimate all-in-one board.

High Volume, High Capacity: With its high volume and high capacity, the Big EZ Angler provides ample stability, ensuring you can confidently reel in even the biggest catches without worrying about balance. This paddleboard is a fishing platform that stands at the top of the food chain.

SUP Fishing Excellence: Built to be the best name in SUP fishing, the Angler offers a stable platform that allows you to conquer waters and reel in your prized catches. From minnows to monsters, this board is shaped for optimal balance and maneuverability, making it the best paddleboard for those who prefer fishing on a SUP over a kayak.

Perfect for Surfers: For surfers who also love to fish, the Angler provides a natural transition to a paddleboard. The 36'' width of this board ensures it's suitable for larger or heavier paddlers, offering the high volume necessary to keep you properly afloat.

Strategic Accessory Attachment Points: The Big EZ Angler is equipped with 25 strategically placed SeaMount® accessory attachment points, allowing you to customize your fishing setup. Additionally, it features 4 through holes for staking or using a fish finder, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful fishing expedition.

Step onto the Big EZ Angler and experience fishing like never before. Pau Hana's dedication to quality and innovation shines through, providing you with the best paddleboard for your fishing adventures. Cast off into the waters of California and beyond with confidence, knowing you have the ultimate fishing companion beneath your feet.

Ricochet® Technology

Ricochet® is a new impact-resistant technology designed to armor boards from rocks, paddles, & striking blows. Years in the making, the specially formulated membrane is integrated into the fiberglass construction of the board. The result of this technique is a lightweight, traditionally finished board, that’s tough as nails.

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