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Introducing the 15'0 Oahu Nui – the ultimate giant inflatable paddle board designed for surfing, touring, and bringing people together for unforgettable group adventures. With its generous size and versatile features, the Oahu Nui is not just a paddleboard; it's a platform for shared fun and excitement on the water.

Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 15 ft

Width: 4.5 ft

Thick: 8 in

Paddleboard Weight: 59 lb

Volume: 1052 L

Fins: Single 9" fin & side bites

Deck: Extra soft EVA deck pad

Hull Type: Planing

15'0 | Oahu Nui Giant iSUP

Key Features of the 15'0 Oahu Nui:

Group Adventures: The Oahu Nui is the best giant paddle board for those seeking group adventures and family playtime on the water. It transforms the classic Pau Hana Oahu nose rider into an all-purpose inflatable, creating opportunities for shared paddling experiences.

Built for Fun: What's better than stand-up paddling solo? Paddling with your friends and family on a giant inflatable paddle board designed for fun. The Oahu Nui is crafted to bring joy and excitement to your time on the water, making every outing a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Versatile Use: Whether you're planning a day on the beach, a picnic on the water, or a leisurely paddle with loved ones, the Oahu Nui is the ideal choice. Its versatile design caters to various water activities, ensuring that everyone can participate and have a great time together.

Giant Paddle Board Excellence: The Oahu Nui stands out as the best giant paddle board available. Its size, stability, and team-friendly features make it the go-to option for those who want to elevate their paddleboarding experience by sharing it with others.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with Pau Hana's commitment to quality, the Oahu Nui combines durability with an inflatable design. This ensures a reliable and safe platform for your group adventures, allowing you to focus on the fun without worrying about the equipment.

Embrace the joy of paddling together with the 15'0 Oahu Nui – where surfing, touring, and group playtime come together on the ultimate giant inflatable paddle board. Unleash the fun, gather your friends and family, and experience the water like never before with the Oahu Nui.


Drop stitch technology is two layers of PVC lined with woven cloth that are attached at thousands of points where a fiber connects the top and the bottom of the board. The drop stitch technology gives substantially more structure and rigidity to the inflatable.

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