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Take off on an afternoon adventure with the 11'0 Navio VFT – a standout among paddle boards, designed to redefine your paddling experience. As the only SUP on the market featuring a keel line, the Navio ensures a straighter and more effortless paddle, delivering a quiet and stable ride that sets it apart from the rest.

Paddleboard Specifications

Length: 11 ft

Width: 34 in

Thick: 6 in

Rider Weight: Max: 375lbs

Paddleboard Weight: 36 lb

Volume: 240 L

Fins: Single 9" fin

Deck: Extra soft EVA deck pad

Hull Type: Displacement


Purchases made outside of Los Angeles- Home Delivery is available in Southern CA and San Francisco for an express delivery fee, subject to availability.


11'0 | Navio VFT Paddle Board

Key Features of the Navio VFT:

VFT Technology: For 2019, the Navio introduces a super durable VFT construction, encapsulating all the exceptional features of the original Navio in a bombproof finish. The keel hull design prevents the board from veering off course, allowing you to paddle in a straight line with minimal effort while enjoying a stable and quiet ride.

Efficient Keel Hull Design: The Navio VFT combines the stability of a planing hull with the efficiency of a displacement hull. Experience high weight capacity and unmatched efficiency, making it an excellent day touring board for casual paddling or a high tolerance touring board for longer adventures.

Perfect for Fishing: Beyond its touring prowess, the Navio VFT serves as an excellent fishing board, featuring through holes for staking in the flats or inserting a fish finder. Its adaptability makes it a versatile companion for various SUP activities.

SeaMount® Convenience: The Navio VFT is equipped with SeaMount®, the first patented accessory attachment system for stand-up paddleboards. Customize your experience with cup holders, paddle clips, and robust bungee tie-downs that add convenience to your every paddle.

Versatile All-Around Board: From casual day tours to cruising on lakes or rivers, the Navio VFT stands as one of the most versatile all-around boards. Its adaptability allows it to carry heavy loads, making it the ideal choice for different SUP activities.

Super Durable VFT Construction: The VFT construction is more than just durability; it's a testament to a board built to withstand anything life throws at it. Invest in the Navio VFT for a reliable and long-lasting paddleboarding experience.

Escape the ordinary and paddle with confidence – the 11'0 Navio VFT is your ticket to smooth, stable, and memorable water adventures. Glide effortlessly, explore freely, and let every stroke be a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of the Navio VFT.

Vacuum Formed Technology

Vacuum formed technology wraps the EPS foam core, while Kevlar reinforcement lines the rails resulting in a resilient and tough paddle board. The self-regulating Goretex vent plug ensures the core pressure is kept stable.

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