Pau Hana Touring Gorilla Cargo Net


Durable cargo net for your SUP. This net can hold all your gear on your touring, fishing, all around, yoga or racing board. If you are planning overnight SUP trips involving camping and being out on the water for multiple days, then this cargo net is right for you. We recommend getting two of them, as it is preferable to carry your gear on both ends of the board for maintaining balance.


  • Custom Pau Hana branding in the center
  • 8 D-Ring slots for extra secure attachment on your board
  • Integrated webbing and mesh prevents snags and secures small objects.
  • Durable, high strength, weatherproofed materials. Easy to use.
  • The Pau Hana Touring Gorilla Cargo Net requires the Sea Mount D-Rings and the Tie Down Cinch Straps.

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