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Head out on your paddleboarding adventure with the Pau Hana Endurance SUP Paddle – a feather-light, fiberglass paddle designed for those seeking the perfect balance between performance and portability. Crafted with precision and tailored for long, exciting adventures, this three-piece adjustable paddle promises to redefine your on-water experience.

Key Highlights of the Pau Hana Endurance SUP Paddle:

Blade Brilliance: Dive into the Pau Hana experience with the narrowest blade design in our exceptional paddle range. The Endurance paddle boasts a specialized blade crafted for enduring adventures, minimizing fatigue and maximizing your time on the water. Feel the difference with each stroke as you glide effortlessly through the waves.

Endurance Series Style: This three-piece adjustable fiberglass SUP paddle is more than just an accessory – it's a companion to our renowned Endurance stand-up paddle board series. Specifically engineered to complement the Endurance boards, this paddle ensures a seamless fusion of style and functionality for a paddleboarding experience like no other.

Ergonomic Excellence: The Endurance SUP Paddle goes beyond expectations with its ergonomic handle, providing optimal comfort for those extended days on the water. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to a paddle that feels like an extension of you, allowing you to explore without limits.

Ultimate Portability: We understand the importance of freedom in your paddleboarding excursions. The Endurance SUP Paddle's small profile when broken down ensures ultimate portability, fitting effortlessly into your car's trunk or a carry-on bag. No extra luggage fees – just the liberty to take your paddle wherever your wanderlust guides you.

SUP Paddle Specifications

Type: Three - piece

Weight: 27.1 oz

Adjustable Length: 157cm - 208cm

Endurance SUP Paddle

Why Choose the Pau Hana Endurance SUP Paddle?

Tailored for Adventure: Crafted for the spirited adventurer, the Endurance SUP Paddle is your ticket to enduring on-water escapades. Glide through the waves with a blade designed to minimize fatigue and amplify the joy of paddling.

Seamless Series Integration: Pair the Endurance SUP Paddle with our Endurance stand-up paddle board series for an unmatched paddleboarding experience. Achieve harmony in style and performance with this meticulously designed combination.

Ergonomic Bliss: Revel in ergonomic excellence with the paddle's thoughtfully designed handle. Enjoy extended paddleboarding sessions without the discomfort, as the Endurance SUP Paddle becomes a natural extension of your exploration.

Freedom to Roam: Embrace a paddle that complements your wanderlust. The Endurance SUP Paddle's compact design ensures hassle-free transport, allowing you to travel without restrictions and paddle wherever your heart desires.

Elevate your paddleboarding game with the Pau Hana Endurance SUP Paddle – where fiberglass perfection meets enduring adventure. Join us in redefining on-water experiences, one stroke at a time.

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