What to Prepare for Your First Sup Fishing Trip

What to Prepare for Your First Sup Fishing Trip

August 12, 2020



Human beings are always looking for new hobbies and outdoor activities that can challenge them and promote excitement. These hobbies help us relax and escape our busy lives in the city. And one of these fun activities is fishing. Fishing has evolved over the years, from fishing for food to a hobby that is loved by many people. In fact, people have been looking for ways to make this hobby profitable and fun. And one of the best ways to enjoy this activity is SUP fishing.


SUP boarding, also referred to as stand up paddle is a unique water sport that many people love. This sport involves people standing on a surfboard and moving around using a paddle. SUP fishing is a new method of fishing that you must try if you haven’t.

a couple paddling on inflatable paddle boards

Paddling inflatable stand up paddle boards in Hawaii

SUP fishing is an active method that has numerous advantages over others. Some of these benefits include:

  • It is easier to transport SUP boards since they are even lighter than kayaks
  • SUP boards can get into tight spots that normal boats can’t access
  • Since you will be in a standing position, you can easily spot the fish

If you loved kayak fishing and SUP boarding, then you will love this type of fishing. So, here are a few things to prepare for your first SUP fishing trip.

Things to Prepare for Your First Sup Fishing Trip


Get a Portable Fish Finder

Nobody likes fishing the whole day without catching a fish. In fact, this activity can be even more discouraging if you spend the entire afternoon SUP fishing unsuccessfully. Therefore, the best solution for this problem is to make sure you have a reliable fish finder.  So, here are some good choices for fish finder under $500.

fishing on a pau hana stand up paddle  board

Catching fish on the Pau Hana Angler board

Get the Right SUP Board

The first and most important thing that you will need for your fishing trip is the right SUP paddleboard. There are numerous types of SUP boards in the market that vary in weight distribution, width, length, and form. Some of these boards include:

Surf SUP Boards

These boards come with a narrow nose, and they are quite short. The narrow shape of these boards allows people to maneuver on waves easily. However, surf SUP boards are usually slower than all the others.

Flatwater/Race Boards

Flatwater boards are ideal for flat water. These boards have rounded sides and a nose region. These boards can glide through the water smoothly, and they are the best option for beginners.

All Round Paddle Boards

All Round boards are long and wide. They are quite versatile and can be used for numerous functions, including SUP fishing. The all round boards provide paddlers with the needed stability.

Luckily, paddlers have the option of getting either a solid or inflatable SUP board. The best SUP boards for fishing are the inflatable boards. And that is because they are thicker than epoxy paddle boards. Epoxy paddle boards are 4 inches thick while inflatable ones are 6 inches thick. Therefore, the inflatable boards can give you a great elevation on the water.

Being thicker than epoxy boards, the inflatable ones can be more stable for navigating, casting, and paddling. Anchoring them can also be quite easy since their center of gravity is evenly distributed. Another benefit of inflatable boards is that they are lighter, portable, and durable than the epoxy boards. The best inflatable boards are made using two military-grade PVC layers.

stand up paddle board fishing on the pau hana endurance on the maine island trail

Paddle board fishing trip on the Maine Island Trail

Get a SUP Fishing Anchor

Enjoying this active type of fishing can be very hard, especially if your board doesn’t have a reliable anchoring system. With a reliable anchor, you can stop anywhere you want and keep it steady as you fish. When looking for a reliable anchor, you should be on the lookout for numerous things, including weight and design. The length of the rope on your anchor also matters a lot.

Get a SUP Fishing Rod Holder

It is almost impossible to imagine a fun fishing trip without a reliable rod holder. Therefore, you should look for the right type of rod holder for your SUP board. Make sure your rod holder can accommodate all the different kinds of fishing rods. Another thing to consider is a rod holder with a safety strap that will keep your rods safe.

Look for Sup Fishing Cooler

SUP fishing under the sun the whole day can be very tedious and hot. Remember, you will be out there paddling for hours, so you need a cooler to keep your drinks and food cold. Since SUP paddle boards don’t have enough space, you should pick the right cooler that perfectly fits your board.

Safety and Comfort

Make sure you have a paddle board seat where you can relax and fish when your board is anchored.  Don’t forget to carry some sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Since you will be reeling, casting, and balancing on the board, it is good to be comfortable. So make sure you know all the paddle boarding basics before your trip. You should be comfortable to get on and off your SUP paddle board when it is loaded with all your fishing gear.

Prepare for the Worst

Even with proper preparation and training, you should always be prepared for the worst. You might have confirmed the weather conditions, but that can change within minutes. Make sure you have a rain jacket with you.

You should always be dressed for the weather and have a personal floatation device or life jacket. Fishing is an active hobby, and you can get injured when unhooking your catch. So don’t forget to carry your first aid kit, sunscreen, snacks, and water.

Look for a Spacious Fishing Bag

Unlike kayaks, which have more than enough storage space, SUP paddle boards don’t have enough storage space. So, look for a spacious fishing sling bag that can fit all your gear. And since you will be carrying it on your back most of the time, make sure it is not too heavy.

Final Thoughts

SUP fishing is a great and active activity that can do more than just reward you with a delicious dinner. SUP fishing is relaxing, and it can be a great weekend getaway trip. Paddling can be a great workout for you. And if you have all your gear and a reliable fish finder, you can have a successful and fun SUP fishing trip.


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