Our Top 15 Paddleboard Accessories

Our Top 15 Paddleboard Accessories

January 27, 2021


There are a lot of products on the market to make your paddleboard more functional and fun. Here are our top 15 picks of the best products out there.

a paddleboard loaded with accessories

1. GoPro

GoPro has long been the action camera of choice for many sports enthusiasts. The durability and quality of the footage is unrivaled. The cameras are small enough to take anywhere yet capture all the best moments with their automatic stabilizing functions, and of course, they are fully waterproof!

sitting on a cooler strapped to a paddleboard

2. Cooler

We love attaching a cooler to our SUP. It can hold cold beers and snacks and double up as a seat when your legs need a rest. Fishermen are also partial to owning a cooler to stash the fresh fish they just caught.

We love the Orion Coolers from Jackson Kayaks. They feature an option to add a top cushion to create the perfect seat.

Paddling in white water with a 10 foot coiled leash

3. Coiled Leash

If you own a paddleboard you should own a leash! A leash will keep your board close if you decide to ‘part ways’. Our 10’ coiled leash will keep your board in reaching distance if you wipe out but can extend to a full 10 feet, allowing distance from your board in turbulent water. Be aware if you are using a leash in white water you will need to shop for a quick release system in case you get snagged on debris in the water.

4. Drybag

Water sports are inherently wet! That’s why you need a good dry bag for transporting items that don’t like the water as much as you do. The best bags on the market without a doubt are Watershed. They have a patented zip system that keeps the contents dry and protected. I’ve never seen one of these bags fail.

5. Waterproof Speaker

Although we love listening to nature around us when we are out soon the water, sometimes the session calls for some motivating beats. A waterproof speaker will make those paddles with friends a bit more fun! Check out UE speakers for great sound and waterproofing.

6. Floating Sunglasses

Everyone likes paddling in the sun but it's a real blow if you drop your sunnies and they sink to the abyss never to be seen again. Long gone are the days where you have to attach a spectacle chain, there are now plenty of floating sunglasses on the market these days, you’ll be able to find a pair that suits your style and your wallet.

carrying a paddleboard with the pau hana kamba strap

7. Kamba Strap

Need to carry your board from the car to the river or across a long beach? It can be exhausting carrying your board long distances, that’s why we designed the Kamba Strap! The strap attaches onto your board using D-rings and can then be easily removed and stashed while out paddling. The paddled neoprene shoulder pad makes carrying your paddleboard a comfortable activity.

8. Electric Pump

While we agree inflating your SUP using a hand pump is an excellent warm-up, it's also tedious and gets pretty boring pretty quickly. Invest in an electric pump that runs off a battery or uses the cigarette port in your car, and your inflatable paddleboard will be ready to paddle in minutes!

9. Baseplate

The baseplate is the foundation for many of the Pau Hana accessories. It allows you to attach a wide range of equipment from that one docking station. It will also help prolong the plugs mounted in the deck of your board - win-win!

sitting on a beach with paddleboards in sup paddle bags

10. SUP Bag

We recommend storing your board out of the sun and in a heat resistant SUP board bag. Ours have a durable outside shell and a heat resistant core. They are also padded to protect from minor dings and scratches. Board bags are the best way to transport your paddleboard and the multiple handles and pockets make bringing all your gear and equipment a breeze.

11. Roof Rack Straps

If you want to transport your paddleboard on your car you’ll be needing a set of roof rack straps to ensure you arrive at your destination with your board still on the roof of your car!

12. Snorkel and Fins

An essential for summer ocean paddling that allows you to browse the local array of fish.

skateboarding on the pau hana oahu sk8 skateboard

13. Oahu SK8

The Pau Hana Oahu Sk8 is designed to take paddleboarding from the water onto the streets! It rides as good as it looks so now you can be the envy of everyone on and off the water as you cruise through the neighborhood.

14. Dog Pad

We made the Dog Pad so your four-legged friend would never have to be left at home or in the car. The dog pad provides comfort and traction for your furry pal to enjoy the ride as much as you do.


15. Paddle Clip

We love having a paddle clip attached to the board. It provides a place you can securely leave your paddle while you are busy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, or quite literally doing anything other than paddling. Take a look at the Pau Hana Paddle Clip and the YakAttack Roto Grip.

Written by Jennifer Chrimes


paddleboarding in barbuda over blue seas
catching waves on a paddleboard in hawaii
paddleboarding over clear waters in barbuda
paddleboarding on lake rotoiti in new zealand
paddling through mangroves in barbuda
tropical waters of hawaii are great for paddleboarding


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