PRO TIP: SUP & Snorkel; Top 5 Safety Tips

PRO TIP: SUP & Snorkel; Top 5 Safety Tips

December 16, 2019


Top 5 tips for staying safe in the water.


1. Always go with a buddy. It’s not only safer but it’s also more fun to have a friend out there. Make sure you and your buddy’s abilities are able to accomplish the mission at hand.  

two people spear fishing
snorkeling gear attached to an SUP


2. Make sure everything is secured to the board. Check out the variety of Pau Hana rigging kits. You don’t want to lose a flipper!


3. Stay attached to the board via leash. One thing we like to do is get a cheap canvas belt and attach the leash to the belt so your legs can move freely.

Spear fishing over coral
snorkeling in clear waters next to a SUP


4. Pay attention to wind, tides and currents. The last thing you want is not being able to get back. Always paddle into the wind first so the wind can push you back or plan a downwinder. Check tides on local surf forecasts and basic rule: don’t fight the tide.


5. Let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. This is extremely important and a lot of people don’t do this. It’s as easy as sending a quick text. If you ever did get into danger you have a better chance of getting rescued quickly.

underwater picture of a swimmer and SUP

Article by Christian Edie



Christian is a professional stand-up paddleboard athlete that is a team rider for Pau Hana Surf Supply, Kialoa, and Kokatat. She specializes in stand-up whitewater paddling, expedition SUP, SUP Yoga, SUP Surfing and is also an accomplished rock climber and ice climber. She loves sharing her passion for the water with others and helping people connect with the outdoors.

Christian Edie professional SUP athlete

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