Pau Hana Stinger Hydrofoil


Introducing the all new 2018 "Stingray", a stand up paddle board hydrofoil by Pau Hana Surf Supply. This foil has an all around design and can be used with SUP boards, surfboards, kite boards, in cruising or racing conditions and even wake foiling.

The "Stingray" Foil can be used on any kind of paddleboard and is easily mounted with a peel and stick base plate, sold separately. The Pau Hana Carve Pro, Oahu and Diablo boards all have pre-installed foil mounts built into the structure of the board for easy attachment.


  • Can be mounted on the new Carve Pro, Oahu and Diablo SUP boards by Pau Hana
  • Detachable and easily portable in small backpack or SUP bag
  • Custom and unique lime green Pau Hana logo and design on mast

 * This item ships for $45 flat rate in the USA. International shipping rates may apply.

All orders placed after 11am will be processed the following day. Orders made after 11am on Friday will get processed the next working day.


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In light winds or strong winds, the Stingray has been designed for maximum usage in various surf situations. Over half a year in the making, we are so excited to launch the foil and get out there riding above the waves.

The Pau Hana "Stingray" is a 100% carbon constructed hydrofoil. It’s also compact and portable, as it can be completely disassembled into individual parts including: the front wing, rear wing, fuselage, mast, and cap mount. That means wings can be interchanged, upgraded, or replaced as needed.


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Prior to 2017, your D-Rings or other accessories may have rusted. Back then, they had dissimilar metals and so galvanic corrosion occurred quickly being in the saltwater aqueous solution. For D-Rings and all other like accessories in 2018 and beyond, this should not be a problem. To keep your D-Rings in good condition, see tips below!

1. Lightly coat any accessory that is going to go into the SeaMount® with a lightweight oil/WD-40 on the thread to make sure that the threads will continue to work well. This will prevent galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. This is especially important if you are planning on leaving accessories in your board for an extended period of time.

2. It is a good practice for people to take out any accessory and very importantly fin screws fairly often and to put on a light coat of oil/WD-40 on them again to make sure that the threads are still working.

3. Every metal part on accessories will eventually rust, but by oiling them this should greatly extend the life of the products along with the SeaMounts® themselves.

4. The stainless steel that we use in the SeaMount® is SUS304. What this means is that everything that is screwed into it should theoretically be that grade. Galvanic corrosion shouldn't be happening between different grades of stainless steel, but it is possible. So, if you want to buy a new screw for D-Rings, be sure to know the right grade of stainless steel to get.

5. Better yet, get your accessories from Pau Hana because we use similar metals in all accessories.


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