Care & Maintenance


Your board is made for fun in the sun and water but to ensure a long and fruitful life, follow these important guidelines:

    • Never leave your board in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, whether it is in the water or on land.
    • When your board is not in use put it in a cool, shaded area, deck side down, so it is not resting on the fin.
    • Rinse your board with fresh water after every use, especially when used in salt water!  Give extra care to rinse the SeaMount plugs!

What will happen if you leave your board in the sun?

The SUN – I’m melting!!

Delamination – this is what happens when you leave your board in the sun and it overheats.  The foam inside your board will heat up, melt and release gas, which in turn creates pressure and separation from the foam inside your board and the fiberglass exterior.  Don’t leave your board in the sun!

  • When not in use leave the board deck side down, don’t let the board rest on the fin, on a pad
  • Always store your board out of the sun
  • Don’t store your board in the board bag
  • Again rinse your board off after every use especially if used in saltwater.
  • Use a reflective board bag when transporting your board.  Don’t leave your board in the bag in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Transport your board deck side down, on padded bars.
  • Use flat gear straps and do not over tighten.

Use only a mild detergent to wash your board.  If you have more stubborn marks use a “Magic Eraser” or Goo Gone.

Don’t use any other type of cleaner even if it says it is “all natural” or “suitable for use on everything”.  If you read the fine print many will say to test on a small area first.  This is your clue to not use it on your board!


Handle your board with care!  If not, you may get a DING!  Some Dings are worse than others…


A Ding is a slight depression in the exterior of the board.  These usually happen with the normal use of your board but handling the board with care, not letting it hit hard surfaces like cement will reduce the number of Dings  As long as there is not a crack in the Ding area you are OK.


Don’t let water get in the crack – it will seep into the core of your board and making your board heavy and unmanageable.

Give the dealer you bought the board from a call and ask if they do repairs.  Most do and are very experienced at not only repairing the crack but also blending the repair into your board so that you can hardly tell it has been repaired.

If there is not a dealer near your.  Your can repair the board with an epoxy-based resin found at hardware stores.

  • Rinse the SeaMounts and accessory threads with fresh water after using
  • Do not over tighten accessory fittings
  • Do not attach RAM accessories directly to the SeaMounts. Use the SeaMount® Base Plate to set up RAM accessories.  
  • Do not carry your board or handle your board by the SeaMounts
  • Lightly coat stainless steel accessory threads with oil/WD-40 before using and in-between uses
  • Remove accessories from SeaMounts when storing board and rinse with fresh water

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