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ElectraFin®. The first electric conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards. A silent, zero emission, battery powered, electric conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards, turning your paddle board into a human electric hybrid. Patent Pending.

If your SUP is equipped with a standard US fin box, the ElectraFin® drops right in. If you have an inflatable kayak with a slide in fin, you can use our handy adapter made out of strong glass filled nylon. For inflatable kayaks you can install our adhesive fin box to get up and running, or mount the ElectraFin® to your rear rudder system for hands free turning. The motorized fin uses the same mounting system as a regular fin using a washer plate and screw. You can switch between a human powered SUP or a human-electric hybrid experience using the motor. With the quick install and removal, you can maintain the integrity of your board or boat, but have a long range electric propulsion system when you want it! No tools are required for installation. This exciting new SUP accessory enhances your ride whether you want to go further, fight head winds or currents or head out for some SUP fishing.


Check your states boat registration and boating license requirements. (The ElectraFin® is an electric powered motor under 10 horsepower.)

ElectraFin® The first electric conversion kit for stand up paddle boarding.

Power at the Touch of a Button

The ElectraFin's waterproof marine-grade wireless remote attaches to the rider's paddle for easy access and is operated by the touch of a button.

Variable Speed: Choose between 1-99 speed settings on the LED display (low)

Forward and Reverse: Maneuver your board through tight spaces or flip it in reserve and try and paddle forward for the ultimate resistance training! Turn off the ElectraFin™ with the "Stop" button when you've reached your destination or decide to switch to human only paddling.

Speed and Run Time

The ElectraFin® runs for two hours on top speed of 4.5-5mph (7.2-8kph) and six hours on low speed. The brushed motor allows the ElectraFin™ to maintain top speed in strong current and head winds.

Swap-able Battery: The easy to swap battery lets you stay out and travel at top speed longer. The Lithium-ion Samsung 29E cells are lightweight and long range. Charge anywhere with Current Drives Solar Panel or charge your battery from any wall outlet. Charge time from full depletion: 4-5 hours. You can run at full speed with over 400 watts of peak power or turn the speed down with the remote and use Paddle Assist™


Safety Ring: A safety ring protects the rider, nearby swimmers and marine life from the spinning blades.

Stop Button: The stop button on the wireless remote is convenient to reach and clearly marked

Emergency Stop Leash and On/Off Switch: In the case you are separated from the remote you can stop the ElectraFin® by flipping the on/off toggle located on the control case to the off position. If the rider falls off the board, the emergency stop surf leash will disconnect from the control case and shut off the ElectraFin®. The ElectraFin® will not operate unless the emergency stop surf leash is connected to the control case. The rider must wear the surf leash at all times while operating the ElectraFin®

Waterproof for water fun! 

Each component of the ElectraFin® was designed to withstand fresh and salt water usage.  All components are rated to a minimum of IP65 waterproof standards.

Control Case: The motor controller and battery is housed in the waterproof Control Case. The seal tight case sits on top of your board and contains a battery gauge display, on/off toggle switch and emergency stop surf leash. The stainless steel and sacrificial anode screws and plates protect the system from salt water damage.

Wireless Remote: The wireless remote is marine-grade and waterproof.

Fin: The ElectraFin® is made from a specialty marine grade impact copolymer plastic. The high impact resistant material allows the ElectraFin® to slide over rocks and sand without damaging the fin.

Mount the ElectraFin to any Inflatable Kayak, SUP, or Dinghy

Using the glue on PVC fin box, found HERE, you can add the ElectraFin to nearly all inflatable boats with a payload of under 600 pounds. Watch the video below to learn more!

One-year warranty offered by Current Drives.

Ships for $85 to the Contiguous U.S. Additional shipping charges to HI, AK, and PR will be added at checkout.

All orders placed after 11am will be processed the following day. Orders made after 11am on Friday will get processed the next working day.

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