SeaMount System™

SeaMount System™, a Pau Hana partner, developed the completely customizable threaded mount system available on stock on nearly the entire Pau Hana line of board models. Pau Hana works deeply with SeaMount to create new accessories and redefine the experiences out on the water. By creating a simple, basic, and uniform plug that can be easily inserted into the boards during production, the SeaMount System™ has allowed for the innovation of the many different types of paddling boarding.

C2A Media

C2A Media, or Call To Adventure Media, produces all the digital and print content for Pau Hana. They are a production house with a focus on action sports, culture, and lifestyle. They produce original content designed to inspire outdoor experiences.


Check the bottom of your shoes, Vibram is best known for their high quality and durable soles found on some of the best gear for outside use.

Nocqua Adventure Gear

Nocqua Adventure Gear works on enhancing the outdoor experience by providing ways to extend your adventure. Whether its waterproof lighting that can be mounted on the bottom of SUPs and kayaks or creating rechargeable battery packs to keep lights on or your electronics working.

RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts creates mobile mounting solutions so it only makes sense that Pau Hana would partner with them to create some of the newest additions to accessories available on SUP to be integrated directly within the SeaMount System..

Yak Attack

Yak Attack creates kayak fishing gear. Made in the USA, it only seemed a logical step to take many of the accessories already available on kayak and prepared them to be integrated with the SeaMount System to easily allow for the best fishing rigs available on the kayak market to crossover into the SUP fishing market.


Teeki creates eco conscious yoga wear made from recycled water bottles using an eco-friendly process.

Current Drives

Current Drives creates the Electrafin®, which is the first electric conversion kit for stand up paddle boards.

Adventure Sports Development LLC

Adventure Sports Development LLC identifies adventure sport business opportunities & work with resorts, lodges, and ventures from concept through implementation with the tools to ensure success every step along the way.

WNY Expeditioners

WNY Expeditioners is a blog of two Pau Hana ambassadors who love to travel and go on adventures. Originally from Western New York, they travel, blog, and make videos of their adventures.